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– Supply –

Infinite Timber Flooring offers a large range of timber floors available for your home. Wooden timber floors are natural product with no two boards being the same, each timber plank has its own natural and beautiful pattern that is formed by the natural grains and knots, creating a masterpiece when planks are joined in a harmony. We also supply Bamboo, laminate flooring and vinyl planks which provide a floor that is low maintenance, environmentally friendly, comfortable and great manufacture guarantee.

– Installation of Hardwood Flooring

Three different methods that are generally used for installing timber flooring over concrete, and the way it is installed over particle board. Depending on type of flooring required, design and budget, one of the following systems can be used for residential and some commercial projects. Any installation work over concrete should only commence once the concrete has been assessed at having acceptable moisture content. To find out more about installation, please feel free to contact us.

Over Concrete

The Plywood System

Infinite Timber Flooring recommends the plywood system for quality residential work, where a secret nailed Tongue & Groove floor is required, as this method achieves a cushioned effect over concrete. This system is preferred in residential installations as the solid mass of plywood sub floor eliminates vermin inhabitation and is a quieter floor to walk on compared to the hollow sound of the Batten System. This proven and reliable system involves laying a moisture barrier over the concrete, then fixing the plywood sheeting to the concrete using high tensile steel fixings. The floor boards are then secret nailed and fully glued to the plywood.

The Batten System

This system is mainly used for fixing wide board Tongue & Groove flooring over concrete using hardwood batten which is fixed over a moisture barrier. The flooring is then glued and hand nailed through the top of the board to the battens. A hardwood batten can also be used to secret nail and fix a Tongue & Groove floor board over concrete.

Direct Glue System

This system involves gluing Tongue & Groove flooring directly to the concrete slab. As the adhesion of the glue is critical with this system, the concrete surface has to be extremely even and flat. After a site inspection by one of our professional supervisors we will advise if the concrete surface is good enough for the direct glue system. If the surface is too uneven the concrete will need to be levelled with a special concrete levelling material, which is carried out by specialist companies.

Over Particle Board

The installation process of the Tongue & Groove flooring is the same as over Plywood System. To ensure a successful installation, it is critical that the particle board or plywood is securely fastened to the supporting joists below. It will be determined at the time of site measure by our supervisors if the sub-floor requires additional fixings. Prior to installation of flooring, it is a critical part of the installation system that the sub-floor is sanded. The entire sub-floor needs to be pre-sanded (not just the joints), so that the floor is completely flat and also to remove any contaminants from the surface that may affect the adhesion of the glue.

Installation of Floating Timber Flooring

Floating timber floor installation allows you to install flooring into your home, business or other type of building that is not nailed to the actual floorboards in your home. Floating planks lock together and rest on top of another flooring material or a cork pad. Often, they simply click together or sometimes are glued in place.

– Sanding & Polishing –

Is your floor looking old, dull and scuffed with age? We can transform it and give it the shine of a brand new floor. Floor sanding and polishing is usually the last process when building or renovating a home. When the floor is finished it is important to leave the floor coating to cure for several days before anyone walks on the floor. One of the most important aspects of a timber floor is choosing the right finish to suit your needs. There are generally five main types of floor finishes that are available: Solvent-based Polyurethane, Water-based Polyurethane, Modified Oils, Tung Oils and Hard Waxes. Please feel free to contact us to get more details.